0.1.26: Autohide left bar, mobile optimizations and new beta

0.1.26 contains a two small updates.

Auto Hide Left Panel

You’ll find a new icon in the left hand menu to enable it to auto-hide. When you put your mouse towards the left side of the screen it will open again. Additionally you can use cmd or ctrl + G to toggle the left menu.

Mobile Tweaks

You should find the configure inputs modal to be a bit easier to use in landscape mode on mobile as we’ve finally added some scroll styling there.

New Beta!

We’ve launched a new beta at https://beta.spelltable.com that uses a video server instead of peer to peer video. This enables better reconnect logic, reduces upload bandwidth required, and should increase quality overall. In the future it will allow us to do game recording, spectating, and support more than 4 players. We’ll be ramping up our beta servers over the next few weeks to see how we handle the traffic and then hope to gradually shift over. Please let us know if you run into any bugs.

CoolStuffInc partnership

You may notice the card drawer sports a logo from CoolStuffInc. We’re excited to partner with CoolStuffInc to provide excellent prices on singles and a comprehensive buy list as well. When you click the price on any card in SpellTable, you’ll notice there’s a little bonus from CoolStuffInc.

That’s all for now! – The SpellTable Team