0.1.22: Preferences, focus video on turn change, hide card price setting, card search keyboard shortcuts, card remove button

0.1.22 contains a handful of small things users have been requesting quite a bit.


We’ve added the start of player preferences which can be accessed via the game menu (“Gear” icon in the left game bar). In the modal you can toggle only a couple settings for now but we plan to have more in the future.

Focus video on turn change

The first preference is the ability to have the focused layout’s focused video change when the turn changes. This will keep the most relevant video focused for you.

Hide card price setting

Many players have wanted a way to hide the card prices that always show in the card drawer and now you can. Simple just toggle off the option in the preferences dialog and poof. No more card prices.

Card Search Keyboard Shortcuts

Now when you manually search for a card you can use the up/down arrows to select a card in the search results and hit enter to select a card.

Card Remove Button

We added a remove card button for cards in the card drawer that will show on hover. This will provide players with a quicker way to remove cards without having to go into the card menu.

Full update notes:
  • Preferences dialog
  • Change focused video on turn change preference added.
  • Hide card prices in card drawer preference added.
  • Card search keyboard shortcuts.
  • Remove card button added to cards on hover.

– The SpellTable Team