0.1.9: Card Tweaks and Performance Improvements

Hey everyone, we just put out an update with some seemingly small improvements but should go along way to help make the app that much better. So let’s jump right in…

Improved card spotting and image loading

We sped up a few things in terms of the card spotting and image loading for cards. This included postponing the loading of Scryfall data for spotted cards so they show in the card drawer as soon as possible. Scryfall data will now load in asynchronously. In addition to that we updated all card images to use a smaller image. This should drastically improve card image loading time seeing these new images are sometimes 1/20 the size. All of this should make the app seem more snappy in general.

Commander Hovers

You can now hover over each player’s commander names to see the card. This will help to quickly see a commander’s info without having to click into the player’s info box.

Increased card search item count

It was recently brought to our attention that the card search results would not always show enough cards resulting in a user to be unable to access a card. For example the card “Silence” would never show in the result set so you could never actually view it. Well that should no longer be the case since we increased the result limit to 100 cards. This should work for the majority of searches. If it doesn’t we can look into additional solutions to provide more results in the future.

Card price and additional options

We updated the card drawer cards a bit to now show the card’s price at all times with the ability to click on the price to go buy it on TCGPlayer. If a card has no price data instead just a shopping cart icon will be displayed. In addition we moved the other items into a submenu and added a few new items as well. The menu (the three dot button located next to the price) now includes purchase links for TCGPlayer and Amazon, view links for Gatherer and EDHREC, and the remove card option.

Full update notes:
  • Increases the Scryfall search results to 100 to allow more cards to be seen.
  • Adds card hover to commander names in player bar.
  • Updates commander inputs in player info popover to look more “input-like”.
  • Adds delay getting spotted card data from Scryfall to ensure cards show in drawer as soon as possible.
  • Update images to use jpg versions since they are much smaller in file size to speed up card image loading.
  • Added price to card drawer cards.
  • Moves “Remove Card” and “View in Gatherer” buttons into to a submenu.
  • Adds “Purchase on Amazon” and “View in EDHREC” links to card submenu.
  • Updates card drawer card buttons to be green so they stand out more.
  • Updates player menu button to be green so it stands out more.