0.1.6: Slim Player UI and Focused Video Layout

Hey all, today we pushed out an update including some features a few users have been requesting. So let’s check them out.

Slim Player UI

We’ve ditched the left hand vertical bar for each player and instead moved to a horizontal bar at the top of each players video. This reduces the overall space the UI was taking up and allows for more horizontal real estate for videos. The new horizontal bar contains each players life total, their name, their commander(s) and deck color identity once set so they are visible at all times. With those changes it means a few things have changed on how you can set your commanders, damage totals, and flip videos.

In order to set/view commander(s) and damage totals you can click anywhere on the top player name bar and it will open that player’s info. Here you can set your commander(s) and damage totals as needed or view another players commander(s) or totals.

As far as flipping videos goes a new menu button was added to the upper corner of each player box opposite their life total. This menu will display on player hover and in it there is the ‘Flip video’ option. Also if you are the game host there will be a ‘Kick player’ option as well.

Game Host Icon

In addition to the Slim Player UI whichever player is the host will now have a shield icon next to their name. This should help make it more obvious which player is the game host at any given time.

Focused Video Layout

Many users have requested an alternate layout to help make the app more usable on smaller screens and per that request we have added the focused video layout. In the left hand bar there is now buttons to toggle between our original four corner layout and the new focused video layout. You toggle between these layouts at any time during the game.

In the new focused video layout player videos are arranged with smaller thumbnail versions on the left and a larger focused video on the right. The thumbnail videos will have all players listed from top to bottom in turn order with a small eyeball icon in the bottom right that indicates the focused video. The right hand video is pretty self explanatory. We hope this helps those on smaller screens and anyone else that just wanted a different view. One thing to note is you can’t spot cards in the thumbnail videos. This was to allow for single click to focus videos. If this becomes a problem we can look into other options to allow both in the future.

Spacebar Input Focus Fix

Multiple users have reported that the spacebar pass turn shortcut firing when you are searching for cards in the card drawer or setting your commander. Well that’s no longer the case. Now all inputs will prevent the turn from being passed so say goodbye to those accidental turn changes!

That’s it for now. Check out the full list of updates below.

Full update notes:
  • Slim Player UI
  • Focused Video Layout
  • Fixed issue where hitting spacebar while using search or setting a commander would pass the turn.
  • New game host icon located next to the host’s name.
  • Fixed bug where kicking player didn’t actually remove them from the commander damage list.