0.1.18: Keyboard shortcuts, email/password login, new relay servers, and randomize player order

0.1.18 brings a slew of new functionality along with a global cloud of relay servers!

Email & Password accounts

Many have been requesting that we allow users to use an email and password to login into SpellTable and now you can! New users can now create an account with an email and password. Existing users can convert their existing accounts (Google, Facebook, and Email Link) to use a password instead.

Existing Users

If you want to switch to an email/password account but have already logged in via Google, Facebook, or the email link flow if you try to create an account it will say you email address is already in use. Don’t worry though you can still add a password to your account by using reset password. Here’s how…

If you are not logged in

Head on over to the login screen and hit the “Forgot password?” link at the bottom of the login form. Enter the email address you used to login via Google, Facebook, or email link auth and hit submit. You’ll receive an email with a link to reset your password. Go through the steps and once completed you will have added a password to your account. You should then be able to login using your email and password.

If you are loggin in

Simply click on your profile icon (upper right in the lobby, lower left in game) and hit Update Profile. In that dialog there is a “Reset Password” link. Once clicked this will send an email to your account’s email address with a reset password link. Follow the steps to reset your password and once completed you will be all set.

NOTE: Once you add a password to your existing account you can still log in via Google or Facebook. So the choice is yours!

Keyboard Shortcuts

We added a few more global keyboard shortcuts to the game view as well as a shortcuts modal. The new shortcuts include up/down arrow keys to adjust your life total (hold shift to adjust it by 10s), Cmd+D (OSX)/Ctrl+D (Win) will toggle the card drawer open and closed, and Cmd+F (OSX)/Ctrl+F (Win) will trigger a card search. More shortcuts will come with time.

We also added a keyboard shortcuts modal so you can always view what shortcuts are available. This can be viewed by clicking the keyboard shortcuts button in the left game bar. It’s located down by the FAQ button.

New Global Cloud of Relay Servers

We launched a slew of new relay servers that are located around the globe which should help those with tricky network situations. Gone is our single lonely relay server. It treated us well, relaying over 5TB of data, but its time for it to retire.

Randomize Player Turn Order

Game hosts can now randomize the player turn order via the game menu.

Full update notes:
  • Added email/password accounts to the site.
  • Keyboard shortcuts added for life total, card drawer toggle, and card search.
  • Deployed a new global cloud of relay servers.
  • Randomize player turn order ability added for hosts.
  • Fixed card spotting hit location being slightly off.
  • Tweaked menus to be a little brighter.
  • Removed the rebrand announcement header from all pages.

– The SpellTable Team