0.1.17: Onboarding, no scrolling videos, and improved camera detection

Small update for 0.1.17 which includes a few small improvements and onboarding help for new users.


Due to the complexity of the game UI and how some parts can seem hidden we’ve added an onboarding popup to the game screen. This popup will display when a user joins their first game then it will be set to never show again. If a user does want it to display again for any reason they can uncheck the “Don’t show again” checkbox in the popup. In addition this onboarding info can be viewed at any time via the “View Onboarding” icon that has been added to the left game bar just under the FAQ button.

No video scrolling

Gone is the scrollbar for videos if you were using SpellTable on a larger screen. Now we ensure all videos stay within the viewable area. Keep in mind that this means videos may not completely fill a player’s box but this is to ensure the entire video is visible with no cropping. In the event users want the scrolling back we could readd it as a user preference.

Improved camera detection

The app will now check if it needs permissions prior to querying for available devices. This means that we can prevent scenarios where a user might go to configure inputs but no inputs were listed.

Full update notes:
  • Onboarding modal with don’t show capability added to game screen.
  • Onboarding modal will display when a user joins their first game.
  • Adjusted videos to always fit within the viewable area and not cause scrolling.
  • Improved camera detection.

– The SpellTable Team